Downtown Parc Rental
Host your event in one of downtown's beautiful parcs. They can accommodate everything from concerts with national headliners to romantic weddings.
  • Parc International is located on the corner of Garfield and Polk St. in downtown.  The largest of the 3 parks, Parc International is gated, includes a stage, 2 backstage dressing rooms, 2 public restrooms, 2 water fountains, 2 pavilions, and an equipment room.
  • Parc Sans Souci is located 201 E. Vermillion St.  It includes a gazebo, grassy areas and a large fountain, which is a favorite among park goers. This park is used for  concerts, races, weddings and more.
  • Parc Putnam is the smallest of the three parks and is located in front of the Courthouse.  The parc offers benches and beautiful landscaping.

Rental Fees

Park                               Deposit                   Rental Fee          Cleanup Fee

International             $500 damage                $300                     $350
                                     $200 key

Sans Souci                $500 damage                $200                    $225

Putnam                      $500  damage               $100                     $225

For more rental information concerning Parcs International, Putnam, and Sans Souci, please contact



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