Downtown Lafayette celebrates the unique culture of Acadiana. Downtown Lafayette Unlimited was founded in 1983 and has hosted locally cherished traditions like Downtown Alive! for over three decades. Our events define Downtown as the center of Lafayette and the most vital cultural heart of the region, but our efforts go beyond events and concerts.

As a member-based non-profit organization, we work to serve the Downtown community by promoting Downtown and its businesses, advocating for smart growth and investment in the Downtown area, hosting events that bring crowds to Downtown shops and restaurants, and keeping our members connected and informed on all matters relating to Downtown.

Our members are committed to the success of Downtown as a whole and due to their commitment, benefit from the increased exposure, access to information, and networking opportunities provided by DLU.

Here are some of the benefits of becoming a DLU member:


Stand in the Spotlight
DLU provides marketing assistance and increased exposure for Downtown businesses and events, highlighting the shops and operators that make Downtown special. We here to help you stand out in a growing and changing environment and reach the people who want to be Downtown.


The members of DLU are a network of individuals and businesses that care about the vitality of our city center. We provide opportunities to connect and engage at our member events and gatherings.


Stay Informed
We provide regular updates to keep our members informed on all matters Downtown; from new developments and unique events, to efforts our office has taken to work with the city to keep Downtown safe and beautiful.


Get Involved
Being a DLU member means supporting all of the things you love about downtown Lafayette. By becoming a member of Downtown Lafayette you are helping us to keep the district vibrant and central to the success of Lafayette as a whole.


DLU Membership dues range from $75-$315 annually:

  • Individual $75/year
  • Family$120/year
  • Business (1-10 employees)$150/year
  • Business (11-30 employees)$180/year
  • Business (31-100 employees)$255/year
  • Business (101-200 employees)$315/year
  • Business (201+ employees)$450/year

Once you join, you will have unlocked the benefits of being a part of the Downtown community:

  • A meeting with our staff to better understand your needs as a member.
  • A new member welcome packet.
  • Networking/advertising opportunities through access to our member database, business listings, and marketing initiatives.
  • Invites to special events and member-only opportunities.
  • A link to your website or Facebook page from the Member Directory on our website.
  • Opportunity to serve on the Downtown Lafayette Unlimited board of directors.