During 2nd Saturday ArtWalk, Downtown comes alive as each independent gallery, studio and art house opens their doors for this free event. Art aficionados and casual patrons alike will leave inspired as they explore the Downtown Lafayette Cultural District.

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February ArtWalk Exhibits

Acadiana Center for the Arts

101 West Vermilion Street / (337) 233-7060


Fresh Pickin's 6

Now in its 6th year, Fresh Pickin's is an annual juried show of UL Visual Art Majors.

A celebration of the range of sensibilities and expression in junior and senior level students’ works and a showcase to present their works in a professional venue off-campus in Lafayette. The curators chose the best works out of the studios featuring examples of photography, animation and computer art, printmaking, new media and digital Art, metalsmithing and jewelry, graphic design, ceramics, and painting.


STM's Advanced Placement Studio Arts


St. Thomas More Catholic High School's Advanced Placement Studio Arts class consists of all Seniors. They must complete 24 pieces of art work in a year. 12 pieces are in their concentration, which is art work made around a certain theme of the student's choosing.


LUX by John Blouin

An installation in partnership with Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival. 

A cast iron 35mm projector hanging in space. Digital lights guiding the way into the secret world of the projectionist's booth. One voice, one trace.This work reveals the poetry and theatricality of the projection process. In the silence of the booth, we are reminded of the dismantling of a crucial era in film history, and of the gradual disappearance of the projectionist. Adding complexity to the story of film and light, it creates sculptural forms, a presence from a past. All affection, no nostalgia. 


During his studies, John Blouin became a projectionist at the National Film Board of Canada. He founded Cabina Obscura, a project dedicated to film performances combining 35-16 mm and digital projectors, shadows and live soundtrack. He has since shown his work in several cities and festivals, from Montreal to Beijing. As well, Blouin is interested in another side of cinematography by making short films as Change Over, Filmstripe and Gate, a trilogy about the death of cinema.

John Blouin has just completed a short documentary with the NFB and Spira cooperative entitled, Lou, La Vie ! He is currently in post-production with the NFB for Armand par Vaillancourt, his feature film about the famous sculptor.



Heather Ryan Kelley: Quiddity

Quiddity: the inherent nature of an object: its whatness, the essence of an object, that thing-about-a-thing- that-makes-it-what-it-is.

The paintings in this exhibition have their footing in the objects of my home. My studio is located centrally, in what should be the dining room, of my house. Instead of an easel, I use two solid core doors positioned against a wall. Large canvases are leaned against the doors. For smaller ones I hammer in a couple of nails and hang the canvas stretchers upon them. The doors have gradually accumulated many found objects, keychains, a few mirrors, notes and drawings, lead weights, rulers, and a line-up of tchotchkes. These objects often become part of the subject matter of my paintings and drawings, so it is fitting that the doors themselves should be a part of this exhibition.The work in this show spans a thirty year period and all of it has been made atop these doors.


Coca-Cola Studio:

In the Company of San Malo by Francis X. Pavy

In the Company of San Malo is an exhibition of finely detailed lithophanes constructed of cast acrylic. The works are the result of an invitation to collaborate in a project called Le Ker Creole birthed originally in 2013 by artists Bruce “Sunpie” Barnes and Rachel Breulin. In 2016, through this project Breulin, Barnes and collaborators, Pavy included, re-imagine a Maroon village set at New Orleans’ Music Box. At the center is the legend of Juan San Malo a resistance leader of escaped slaves in 1780’s New Orleans. These Maroons, as they were called, created villages and hidden refuges peppered throughout the bayous.


Architects Southwest

534 Jefferson Street / (337) 237-2211


Art Exhibition and Art Supply Drive


Architects Southwest will be showcasing inhouse artists and architects along with an Art Supply Drive to benefit Healing House with music by singer-songwriters Abby Elizabeth and Stuart DeRouen.


Items needed include artist chalk, small/mini cans of playdough, modeling clay, small canvasses, 8 pack of crayons, stick on jewels.


In house artists and architects:


Charcoal Portraits by Kerry Frey
Watercolor by Cameron Broussard
Architectural Renderings by Greg Damico
Photography by Steven Domingue


About Healing House:
The mission of Healing House is to provide support and education for grieving children, their caregivers, and the Acadiana Community. Our vision is that no child will have to grieve alone. Several activities are offered to promote therapeutic play including art materials, musical instruments, puppets, etc.


Basin Arts

113 Clinton Street / (337) 654-2537


That Sinking Feeling by Chris Pavlik

An immersive installation of painting and sculpture by Chris Pavlik. That sinking feeling is an exhibition of new paintings and a centrally placed sculpture, which give viewers an experience of a visual and virtual stroll through a ghostly and dense swamp terrain.


This exhibition officially opens on February 9th, 2019 for Downtown Lafayette’s Second Saturday ArtWalk. Chris Pavlik’s That sinking feeling runs from February 9th – February 23rd, 2019


Carpe Diem! Gelato - Espresso Bar

812 Jefferson Street / (337) 534-4155


Carpe Diem will be featuring artist Barry Sons.


Artist Statement:

My work most often begins en plein air. It could also be a feeling of a memory or to capture anothers feelings in a circumstance. I start by drawing up the feeling and then letting my charcoal find its way. In that moment, the composition is formed. Then the layers start to build; more charcoal, graphite and more layers until it talks back to me.


Chase Tower

600 Jefferson Street / (337) 266-2107


Original artwork by Rachel Hammac and Diana Berard of ModChaos. Mad Chaos creates modern abstracts one-of-a-kind acrylic pieces.


Creative Spaces Gallery


315 Jefferson Street / (830) 832-1616


A Tribute to Peter George from the collection of Jeff W. Wilkinson is a retrospective of George's work from the mid 70's to the late 90's. Over the years Wilkinson has collected 127 of the artist's impressionistic works that are reminiscent of Van Gogh, both stylistically and thematically.

Deuxième Vie Creative

549 Jefferson Street / (832) 483-5407


Mid Century Bar Raffle

In case you missed out, enter for your chances to win a mid century bar! Each raffle ticket is $1.00.

Mardi Gras Mask Craft Circle

From 10 am to 11:30 am, design your own Mardi Gras mask! Combine your imagination with our inventory of materials to create your own one-of-a-kind Courir de Mardi Gras or en vouge creation. Several base mask materials plus an assortment of fabrics, ribbons, sequins, etc. will be provided. If you have materials you would like to use feel free to bring them along. Children are welcome when accompanied by an adult.
$18 tickets available at


Pop-up Valentine Cards


From 1 pm to 2 pm, create your own pop-up Valentine card! A big collection of reused materials will be available at our creative reuse center. You will be shown different sample ideas to create your personal card. Children are welcome when accompanied by and adult.


Hosted by Dorothea Altorfer


$18 tickets available at


Gordon Square 


100 East Vermilion Street Suite 102 / (337) 852-3104


Shop local during ArtWalk! Each jewelry piece is uniquely designed and hand crafted by the artist using several different methods such as carving, kiln firing, stamping, torching and wire wrapping. These one of a kind pieces are perfect for special occasions or everyday.


Mattea's Hand Gallery + Goods

100 East Vermilion Street Suite 104 / (337) 852-3104


Join us for February ArtWalk where we are offering a Heart Healing Workshop from 4-5:30 pm. The Yoga Garden will give you a blissful practice of ancient Yoga teachings, Sound Healing and Reiki on the heart cakra-connecting mind, body and spirit to the world of unity inside of you that subsumes all difference.


Sola Violins

        100 East Vermilion Street Suite 102 / (337) 534-4436


Listen to the Wilson Savoy Jazz Trio from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm as you shop and pick up a new hobby!


The Omni Center

227 Jefferson Street / (337) 534-0735 


Artist Showcase! Hyedee, HyeLin Creative Art & Design


Hyedee is multifaceted and works in various mediums. Her latest project was based on the phenomenon Pareidolia - when you see images in patterns like wood grain, clouds, fire, marble etc. She collaborated with other artist, Alex Sutherlin and P.J. Blanchard (friend and tattoo artist from California) by using the same three cloud formation photos for reference to create the image they saw in the clouds!


Parc de Lafayette

539 Jefferson Street /


Head to Lafayette Arts & Fleas for a little shopping. Come get your fill of local goods, art, and curated vintage!


The Wurst Biergarten

537 Jefferson Street / (337) 534-4612


Shop with local makers, artists, and foodies at The Wurst Biergarten.




Artist Submissions


Are you an artist interested in displaying your art at ArtWalk? Contact your preferred  gallery directly for more information on how to secure a spot!

For Arts & Fleas at Parc de Lafayette, please email Amanda Taylor and include:

1. Artist Name

2. Phone Number

3. Artist Statement

4. Medium of Work

5. Size Range

6. Number of works for display

7. Installation requirements or special gallery considerations

8. Artist website/link

9. Availability

10. Attachments of works