During 2nd Saturday ArtWalk, Downtown comes alive as each independent gallery, studio and art house opens their doors for this free event. Art aficionados and casual patrons alike will leave inspired as they explore the Downtown Lafayette Cultural District.

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December ArtWalk Exhibits

Acadiana Center for the Arts

101 W Vermilion Street / (337) 233-7060


Annette Aucion: Celebrating Turning Eighty


Turning eighty this month I have thought a lot about ancient oak trees. I have known many generations before me and presently four generations. All of these generations have seen the growth of the ancient oaks I know today,

I never knew my great grandmother who lived on Clinton Street in Lafayette. I wonder what she thought of the cathedral oak that was in her view every time she went to church? How many of my heirs will view this oak with respect for its endurance of time. Turning eighty I am like an ancient oak in that I am part of the past and the future.

Printmaking was my passion; until, I realized that the warmth of the copper plate was more important to me than the print on paper. Two of my aquatint plates are exhibited on the left wall along with a hand pulled print from each plate.

The copper and bronze plates are etched and waxed. I draw on the plates with markers and etch them with ferric chloride or electro etch. They are waxed with “Rub & Buff” wax.

Most of the work in this show is framed with recycled frames from Goodwill.


Dream Bigger Holiday Celebration

Join us as we celebrate AcA’s members, donors, and patrons. We are highlighting our our Dream Bigger Donation and Membership Drive with food, beverages, and art! We hope you will attend this free event.

What is Dream Bigger? The initiative started in 2016 as a bi-annual membership and donation drive. Dedicated AcA patron and renowned local artist, Francis Pavy, once said of AcA, "Talented younger and emerging artists can come into these gallery spaces and visualize themselves showing work here because, well, their friends have. It becomes an attainable goal. It's a world-class space so people can dream a little bigger." With his words our Dream Bigger fundraiser was born.


AcA is a place that does more than produce performances, exhibitions, and arts integrated programs. It's a place that brings community together to experience, to create, to collaborate, and to dream about how the arts can impact our community and move it forward.



Heather Ryan Kelley: Guiddity

Quiddity: the inherent nature of an object: its whatness, the essence of an object, that thing-about-a-thing- that-makes-it-what-it-is.



The paintings in this exhibition have their footing in the objects of my home. My studio is located centrally, in what should be the dining room, of my house. Instead of an easel, I use two solid core doors positioned against a wall. Large canvases are leaned against the doors. For smaller ones I hammer in a couple of nails and hang the canvas stretchers upon them. The doors have gradually accumulated many found objects, keychains, a few mirrors, notes and drawings, lead weights, rulers, and a line-up of tchotchkes. These objects often become part of the subject matter of my paintings and drawings, so it is fitting that the doors themselves should be a part of this exhibition.The work in this show spans a thirty year period and all of it has been made atop these doors.


Side Gallery:


Matthew Thompson “Drawings”


Artist Statement - Is it possible to view the ordinary and mundane with renewed vision? What distinguishes impressions of first sight from habitual recognition? My works, which range from large scale drawing and painting to video, 16mm film, and sound, seek to present images as they appear in the moments before perception is caught in the everyday habits of seeing and experiencing the world.


Coca-Cola Studio:

Eric Hitt “A Ship’s Worth”

Introspection is an effective tool for better understanding ourselves. Often, self-understanding is obstructed by a mass of ideas and expectations given to us by others, tying us down, so that it becomes necessary to look inward to discover what we ourselves truly value. Where do our choices truly come from, and how do they affect our larger reality? This idea has become the predominant theme and function of the work, and serves to act as a vehicle to examine the effects of personal choices. Read more at


Circle Gallery + ArtHouse:

Open Studios Acadiana



The Acadiana Center for the Arts will host an exhibit of the works of Open Studio Tour artists and craftsmen from November 6th through the end of December, with an opening night reception on November 6thstarting at 6:00 p.m.

This year’s Open Studio Tour will be the largest ever- over 100 artists and craftsmen at over 30 locations in Lafayette and throughout Acadiana. The event will take place on Saturday, November 17th, from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., and on Sunday, November 18th, from noon until 5:00 p.m.

For more information, go to the Tour website,



100 E Vermilion Street Suite 140 /


Christmas at Gordon Square! Adorn is not only bringing the eggnog but has lots to offer with their wide selection of clothes, accessories, and jewelry and will also be featuring an artist of their own, Hannah Gumbo who bring holiday cheer and flare where ever she goes.


Basin Arts

113 Clinton Street / (337) 654-2537


Woman in Bath - Video, Sound, and Performance Art Installation by Paige Barnett.

8:00 pm to 9:30 pm



Most of our lives consist of similar moments.
Repetitive tasks allow us to self-reflect.
Take one of those moments and stretch it out.
Stretch it out.
Now we have a (false) sense of being.
Life is not a state of being, it's a flowing onward.
Living in real-time is hard.



Carpe Diem! Gelato - Espresso Bar


812 Jefferson Street / (337) 534-4155


Carpe Diem will be featuring arist Jo Heather.

Artist statement -


“Life is about stories. It's how we connect to places, people, and things. We tell our stories through common symbols or archetypes but to make it an original story we must deconstruct and then reconstruct those symbols into something made in our own image.”




Deuxieme Vie Creative

549 Jefferson Street / (832) 483-5407


The creative reuse center will host a still life drawing event facilitated by Ben Guidry from 5:30-7:30. This is a relaxed session where you can come and go at your convenience. You are free to bring your pad and drawing materials if you like but we will have some materials available for use. All levels are welcome, collaborate, ask questions and get tips. There is no charge for this event!


Gallery R

116 E Congress Street / (337) 769-1530


Ash Gassiott - Mixed Media 



Ash Gassiott has been fascinated by art from a young age. She started professionally creating art work about two years ago. Ash is also a local hairstylist, she believes that art gives her an opportunity to capture the moment.

“My dreams in life are not limited to one, but many, and painting only gives me the opportunity to tell my story to everyone,” says Gassiott.

Her art is composed of mixed media and she often uses resin and acrylic to create vivid pieces with striking textures.


Genterie Supply Co.

408 Jefferson Street / (337) 401-3833


"Dressed New Orleans" will be at the shop doing custom chain stitching and patch making. And singer/songwriter, Louque, will be doing an in store performance.


Lafayette Science Museum

433 Jefferson Street / (337) 291-5544


Head to the museum and bring your Christmas spirit! Carolers from the LHS Choir start performing holiday favorites starting at 6:30 pm.


Mattea's Hand Gallery + Goods

100 E Vermillion St., Ste. 104 / (337) 852-3104


Christmas at Gordon Square! Mattea's Hand Gallery + Goods will not only have cards and gifts for all your favorite people but will also be featuring Olivia Perillo with Indigo Light, Emily Thibodeaux Meyer with LaLuneStudios, Sara Gabrielle Crochet with The Cro's Nest, and Megg with Sparrow Papercraft. All of these beautiful women with have great stocking stuffers, cool prints, gifts, and ornaments for you to find!

Parc de Lafayette

539 Jefferson Street /


The pickings are going to be fresh and funky at the December Arts & Fleas Art Walk Market. Come get your fill of local goods, art, and vintage!


Runaway Studios

201 E. Vermilion Street / (330) 289-3881


Chef Isaac Toups is coming to Lafayette on Saturday during Art Walk to sign copies of his new cookbook CHASING THE GATOR. He'll be set up inside Runaway Studios (201 E Vermilion St across from Parc Sans Souci) from 6pm-9pm. Come by to meet Isaac, buy a book, and share your favorite Boudreaux and Thibodeaux joke. Coutelier NOLA will be on hand for a holiday pop-up shop.


Sola Violins

100 E Vermilion St, Ste 102 / (337) 534-4436


Christmas at Gordon Square! Sola Violins will get you into the holiday spirit with their music and festivities! Violin students from Lauren Baker's studio will be performing Christmas music and more from 7:15-8pm.


Svendson Studio

424 E. Vermilion Street / (337) 344-9207


Lue Svendson will be showing new work from the Lefty Lue Series and The Louisiana Mystery Collection. Also joining is Eric Svendson, a nature photographer. Parking is available across the street.


The Wurst Biergarten

537 Jefferson Street / (337) 534-4612


Shop with local makers, artists, and foodies at The Wurst Biergarten.



Artist Submissions


Are you an artist interested in displaying your art at ArtWalk? Contact your preferred  gallery directly for more information on how to secure a spot!

For Arts & Fleas at Parc de Lafayette, please email Amanda Taylor and include:

1. Artist Name

2. Phone Number

3. Artist Statement

4. Medium of Work

5. Size Range

6. Number of works for display

7. Installation requirements or special gallery considerations

8. Artist website/link

9. Availability

10. Attachments of works