Blue Monday Jam-Thanksgiving Eve

Wednesday, November 22nd | 8:00 PM

Join Blue Monday as they host a very special Thanksgiving Eve Blues Jam event at The Jefferson Street Pub. Blue Monday, blues jam, is held the 2nd Monday of the month at The Jefferson Street Pub featuring live entertainment and fellowship in support of local musical legends!


Blue Monday” is a Fund-Raising Jam Session held once a month with a mission to use music and community-partnership to raise funds in support of Life Care Services for the aging and retired musicians in our local community. Life Care Services are provided to maintain independence and way of life by aiding with the management of daily needs. Blue Monday Mission is based on providing Life Care Services for Our Aging Musicians and Artists in Acadiana. Musicians are responsible for creating the culture that we all love and represent here in Lafayette. The musicians such as Carol Fran, Major Handy, Lee Allen, Lil Buck Senegal have invested 40+ years of their lives into making and enriching Our Community to the level we are at now. Through the Blue Monday Mission, we are able to connect Local Businesses, private and Non-profit entities to support Our Aging Creatives during a very vulnerable time as they age.


Please email John Williams at and Xavier Dixon at for admission details and sponsorship packages.


The Jefferson Street Pub

Wednesday, November 22nd | 8:00 PM

$10 Admission



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