Mundane (a movie screening and art installation party)

Wednesday, February 14th | 6:00 PM

Mundane is written by creative director Belle Saucier. With the idea backed by the nonprofit producer Letters from Women of the World, we witness the unfolding of the larger than life task at hand:

Saucier challenges herself and other local artists to design their installations separately only to come together to create one beautiful, vulnerable performance exhibition.

With Videography taken care of by Olivia Perillo; Saucier directs four scenes Romanticizing Mundane tasks juxtaposed by four live dancers demonstrating existentialism choreographed by Kaitlyn Dooley accompanied with intense, heartbreaking ambient music composed by Amanda Sphar and Dylan Babineaux of Scenic World.

Rendezvous begins at 6! Pay at the door and you'll walk up the stairs to find plenty of aphrodisiacal snacks and light harp music before grabbing a floor cushion and taking a seat in the audience.

Performance and movie simultaneously begin at 7. The event will end with a Q&A for all of the artists and their creative processes.

"There has been a shift in our collective consciousness. If you think about a year ago (before times up movement)...when people would talk about things like white supremacy, misogyny, rape culture, or sexual assault you would kind of get looked at like you had a problem or you were some type of Radical. But now we see those things are so pervasive. And EVERYDAY PEOPLE are having these conversations at the dinner table"
-Raquel Willis


Basin Arts

Wednesday, February 14th | 6:00 PM

$7 Admission

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