Murder at the 18th Hole

Saturday, May 12th | 6:30 PM-9:30 PM

On Saturday, May 12, Esprit de Coeur will host the mystery dinner, Murder at the 18th Hole! On this night patrons will be participating in solving a murder over the course of a themed dinner. Clues will be given and suspects will speak on their behalf as you and your investigative team work together to solve whodunit. A tantalizing prize package awaits our top sleuths of the evening. *Please note that tables will be shared and your table becomes your investigative team.


Menu by Esprit de Coeur Catering


Spinach Tarts and Boudin Egg Rolls


Gourmet Italian Salad

Entrées~(Choice of One)

Shrimp & Tasso Pasta OR Roast Beef with Rosemary Potatoes


Parmesan Green Beans


Chocolate Cake


Tea and Water

Cash bar will be available to purchase alcoholic beverages.

Story Sleuthing Background-

For the past decade, professional champion Holin Wunn had dominated the tournaments throughout the region. His prowess as a pro resulted in awards, accolades and, of course, a lifestyle that most golfers only dream of. Wunn's tenacity on the tee and rigor in the rough were unchallenged by any man - but not so when it came to women.

For the past year, Birdie Bigelow, the undisputed women's regional champ had repeatedly issued a challenge to the legendary Wunn. She would (so she proclaimed) in match play, demonstrate that Wunn's stance to keep women out of men's tournaments was more the result of fear than fact.

"Golf is more brains than brawn," she told the press. "He might drive the ball farther, but no one can size up a course like I can." With pressure from all sides, Wunn finally agreed to the head-to-head confrontation. The date of the match was set. Reporters gushed over a legendary battle of the sexes to settle the matter once and for all. It would be 18 holes of golf that would be an epic, must watch match.

After 17 holes, Wunn was 1-up. That's when it became dead-even. When Wunn teed up for the 18th hole, a deathly silence fell over the crowd. Just as his driver reached the zenith of its arc, Wunn released the club. His eyes rolled back in their sockets and he collapsed. At first, observers feared a hidden medical problem had surfaced, yet police thought otherwise. They confirmed that the evidence pointed toward homicide.

Attire: Country Club Chic



Esprit de Coeur

Saturday, May 12th | 6:30 PM-9:30 PM

$45 Tickets



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