Plague of Frogs by Logan Faust, a developmental production

Friday, Nov. 10th-Saturday, Nov. 18th | 7:30 PM

The Acadiana Repertory Theatre is proud to present the final show of their 2017 season Plague of Frogs. This dark comedy by New Orleans based playwright Logan Faust, tells the story of Margot and Geoffrey, who are living the upper-middle class dream: white sofas, expensive wines, and general comfort. Then, Geoffrey runs over the neighbor's cat. That's when their mundane life becomes plagued with many unexpected, unexplained guests, who drive the couple to their absolute breaking point.

Featuring Kristen Dubois and Steven Landry, Plague of Frogs is directed by Debbi Ardoin.

Due to adult content and language, this show is recommended for ages 18 and up or at parents discretion.


For more information visit or call 337-291-1122

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Cite des Arts

Friday, Nov. 10th-Saturday, Nov. 18th | 7:30 PM

$12 Admission


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