Southern Screen 2017 Closing Concert with Sickbay

Sunday, November 19th | 6:00 PM-11:00 PM

Southern Screen, apart from its well-curated film selection and creative industry guest, has also been known for its after-parties and musical entertainment. If you’ve been to our festival before, you know one goes hand-in-hand with the other. This year is no exception. In the spirit of expanding our festival through eccentric and high-caliber collaborations, we have partnered with SICKBAY this year to bring you a special closing concert with Quinton & Miss Pussycat, Molly Burch, Grand Nathaniel & The Ghosts, and Julie Odell.

A Sickbay curated concert is never a show to miss, and this year’s closing party is no exception. This lineup will absolutely blow you away. After one last long day of high quality programming, come be entertained by equally high quality music. One last hurrah to close this year’s festival out. We’ll be the tired staff, volunteers, chefs, filmmakers and festival creators dancing and swaying right next to you.

In 2014 Sickbay began hosting carefully curated house shows supporting and celebrating the local alternative creative community, and has since grown to actively producing events in a variety of traditional and non-traditional venues across the region, collaborative record making and distribution, and artist-focused promotion and management. Sickbay’s mission has always been community building and represents the efforts of an ever-expanding and diverse network of individuals committed to making Lafayette a place where we all feel at home.


Acadiana Center for the Arts

Sunday, November 19th | 6:00 PM-11:00 PM

$15 Admission, free with Festival Pass


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