Downtown Christmas in July

‘Tis the season to start planning for Downtown’s 2020 Christmas.  Holiday cheer will be abundant this December with our Christmas Tree Extravaganza and Window Wonderland Competitions.


A very merry Christmas (in July) is coming to Downtown

Downtown Christmas in July, what is that? Two weeks of early bird discounts for reserving your Christmas Tree Extravaganza tree, wreath sponsorship, and/or cypress tree wrap sponsorship for our December 2020 Downtown Christmas festivities. We will also host a few zoom calls for anyone interested in learning about “Window Wonderland” and the Christmas Tree Extravaganza and getting ahead in the planning of the December competitions. 

2020 Merry & Bright – Christmas in Downtown will look a bit different than 2019. Though we are unsure about whether in-person gatherings will take place, we do know that we WILL still turn Downtown Lafayette into a Christmas destination with cheerful holiday decor.

The Christmas Tree Extravaganza is a Christmas tree decorating contest that kicks off on Saturday, December 7th and ends on Saturday, December 21st. The Tree Extravaganza will bring together families, businesses, and organizations from around Acadiana for a friendly Christmas Competition to see who can create the most beautifully decorated Christmas Tree in Lafayette. The Extravaganza will take place in Parc International where a grove of Christmas trees will be set up for participants to decorate. Viewers will be able to vote for their favorite tree online and winners will be announced at the end of the three-week extravaganza 

Window Wonderland 2020 is a fine art installation in commercial display windows in Downtown Lafayette that brings together the community, business owners and local artists to celebrate civic pride and the holiday season by showcasing their creative talents in an artistic, family-friendly and festive format.

Join us for one of our informative Zoom calls where we discuss Window Wonderland and the Christmas Tree Extravaganza and how you and/or your business can get involved.

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