As the heart of our community and the center of Acadiana, we invite you to explore what makes Downtown Lafayette an unforgettable place to be.


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Every Friday night, Downtown is the scene for free live music you can only find in the heart of Acadiana.

Who is Downtown Lafayette?

Downtown Lafayette is represented by two organizations: the Downtown Development Authority and Downtown Lafayette Unlimited. They work together to help Downtown thrive.

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Downtown is rising

Downtown Lafayette is undergoing a revitalization that is bringing new businesses and residents to the city center. Downtown’s central location, built-in infrastructure, and its role as the cultural and business center of the region has led to significant development activity in recent years, including more than 100 residential units currently under construction.

Downtown is where Lafayette happens

Downtown is where the residents of Lafayette and Acadiana come to work and play. Something exciting is always happening at the numerous businesses, organizations, galleries, restaurants, music venues, and festivals located Downtown. Stay up-to-date on Downtown news and stories when you subscribe to our newsletters, or follow us on social media.

Recent News & Stories

Construction phase begins at Old Federal Courthouse

Construction phase begins at Old Federal Courthouse

10 months since the Lafayette City-Parish Council voted to sell the blighted site of the former federal courthouse to private developers, the project is now moving forward. Project developers have erected a construction fence around the property, indicating an end to the due diligence period and the beginning of the construction phase. 

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