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Show the Downtown community how much you care

Sponsoring a Downtown event means you are contributing to making Downtown Lafayette a more vibrant, livable, and exciting place to be.

Why do Downtown events matter?

Our events offer free and family-friendly entertainment to thousands of Acadiana residents throughout the year. They bring together community leaders, professionals, and everyday people who are passionate about the future of our region, and they represent the best of Acadiana’s culture. For almost four decades our events have helped to revitalize a growing Downtown, given exposure to many of our region’s top musicians, and provided quality entertainment for all of Acadiana.

Annual Downtown Events

These annual events represent a full calendar of activity in Downtown. They bring together the music lovers, families, foodies, business professionals, and thought leaders of our community.


“I didn’t want to just be a bystander. I wanted to be able to make a difference to improve our downtown community.”

—Nathanael Johnson, owner of Rêve Coffee Roasters, DLU member since 2018.

Sponsorship Levels

Our sponsorship levels vary per event and are designed to accommodate large and small businesses alike. Your company can sponsor a single event or maximize impact by supporting multiple events as part of a package. You can fill out our Sponsor Opportunities Form or contact Maureen Dugas Foster, Director of Downtown Lafayette Unlimited to learn more about options and levels of sponsorship.

Sponsor Benefits

By becoming a sponsor of a Downtown Lafayette event, you are contributing to the revitalization of Downtown and helping to strengthen our community through events that celebrate the culture of Acadiana. You will position your brand in front of a broad and diverse audience, be able to take advantage of opportunities for team building and staff volunteer involvement, and join the ranks of companies who are well known for supporting important causes in Acadiana.

Join these companies in supporting Downtown Lafayette events

Without contributions from our sponsors, events like Downtown Alive, Movies in the Parc, and so many more would not be possible. By joining this group, you will signal to Acadiana that your company cares about our region’s cultural diversity and economic vitality.

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